Almohads Moorish Flag

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The Almohads Moorish Flag is a rectangular flag with a dimension of 90 x 150 cm (approximately 3 x 5 feet). The flag is inspired by the Almohad dynasty, which was a powerful Muslim empire that ruled over parts of North Africa, America and Spain during the 12th and 13th centuries.

The Almohads Moorish Flag is characterized by a black background with a central emblem in white. The emblem features a stylized Arabic calligraphy that spells out the name of Allah, surrounded by geometric designs and floral patterns that are typical of Moorish art.

The color black on the flag is significant as it represents the color of the Abbasid dynasty, which was the first Islamic dynasty to use black flags. The use of white calligraphy on the black background creates a striking contrast, making the flag easily recognizable from a distance.

The Almohads Moorish Flag is a popular symbol of pride for those who trace their ancestry to the Almohad dynasty or identify with the rich history and culture of the Moors.